Privacy Policy

Privacy isn't merely a compliance checkbox for us. It's one of the fundamental reasons we exist and do what we do. Here are some principles we live by:

  • Data minimization. The less information we ask you to share with us, the more likely we are to live up to everyone's privacy expectations.
  • Justice. Weighing up what's right, what's fair, is a contextual matter, and context by its very definition is information about the information. The pursuit of justice may then, in some contexts, trump the principle of data minimization.
  • (Inter)personal data. Anything that qualifies in law as personal data is interpersonal data in reality. That's just a fact and defining quality of living systems. The data describes some relationship or interaction between people and / or organizations (i.e. purposeful groups of people, perhaps a legal person). We celebrate both the spirit of the law and deep insights into flourishing living systems.
  • Security ≠ privacy. Security inevitably plays a role in meeting privacy expectations but it should not be confused for privacy. Security of digital information systems is a computer science concern whereas privacy is a contextual social norm best approached through the social sciences.
  • Transparency. We aim to make it trivial for anyone to appreciate how we gather, use, and share (inter)personal data.

Below is our Privacy Policy, which incorporates and clarifies these principles. We want to thank the team at Automattic for publishing their company's privacy policy with an open source license. Riffing off their document structure sure made it a lot easier for us than staring at a blank page!

Who we are and what this policy covers

We are the Unnamed Labs team. Our mission is to advance human trust through digital social technologies, and we created and continue to develop Addresso with that mission front and center.

This Privacy Policy applies to information that we collect about you when you use our websites ( and and our app (available at It also applies for any and every interaction you might have with us, applying to join our team for example.

Throughout this Privacy Policy we'll refer to our websites and applications and any other products and services collectively as "Services".

Below we explain how we collect, use, and share information about you, along with the choices that you have with respect to that information.

Information we collect

We only collect information about you if we have a reason to do so — for example, to provide our Services, to communicate with you, or to make our Services better. We collect this information from three sources: if and when you provide information to us, automatically through operating our Services, and from outside sources. Let's go over the information that we collect.

Information you provide to us

Basic account information. You will notice that when we say basic we mean really basic. If you're merely accessing our websites then there's no information needed at all. If you choose to use our application then all we need is some way for you to start using it such that no-one else has access without your permission and so that we can recognise that it's you again when you return to the app. And for that we just need a wallet address. If you can sign in with the wallet you used to begin using the app, or one that you have authorised subsequently, then heh presto. No other information is required however basic it might seem.

Public profile information. Our application has no facility to maintain a public profile. Given that it's designed to support your anonymity and pseudnonymity and indeed to maintain your freedom to live varying personae as we social humans do quite naturally, then the prospect of a public profile doesn't sound likely. Nevertheless, we can't second guess the innovations that we might all come up with in years to come in line with our mission and values, so if this ever changes we'll return right here and update this policy accordingly.

Payment and contact information. We will offer commercial services, i.e. services that you might decide to buy. These services will require a regular subscription payment. If you decide to subscribe then you will have the choice to pay with fiat currency or cryptocurrency, and our subscription payment service providers will collect additional personal and payment information accordingly. This will include your name and credit card information for example if you pay with fiat currency. However you pay, they will require an email address so that they can send you payment reminders ensuring you pay or cancel on time. We understand at the time of writing that our service providers allow us, their customer, access to this information by default. Other than knowing if a subscription is paid or not, we have no desire to view any associated information let alone use it for any reason. We will work with the providers to see if they can simply keep it from us so that we can convey as much to you here. Either way, you might wish to use a masked email address (e.g. Proton SimpleLogin, Firefox Relay). We will add links here to the privacy policies of our subscription payment service providers when we launch commercial services.

Emailing us. Obviously we store your emails and we will have your email address if you decide to email us, but such correspondence can only be associated with your use of our application if you make reference to a specific Addresso Book or signatory wallet in your email, either as plain text or in a screenshot. Most of the time such information will be wholly unnecessary and we ask that you think twice before sending it to us, but even then we make sure that there is no informational link between your correspondence and the Addresso Book or wallet in question. In other words, any association remains entirely subject to manual association in the process of responding to your correspondence; a connection cannot be made programmatically. If you'd rather not email from a personal email address then please don't. You might wish to use a masked email address (e.g. Proton SimpleLogin, Firefox Relay).

Public fora. We might host a public forum or participate in a public discussion website. We recommend that you don't share personal information in these fora. That way, no-one can make any association between your use of the fora and your use of our Services.

Job applicant information. If you apply for a job with us, we'd first like to thank you very much for your interest in the work we do! You may provide us with information such as your name, contact information, resume or CV, professional or personal references, similar professional and employment-related data, and work authorization verification as part of the application process. We may also collect additional information about you during the process, like background and credit checks (in applicable jurisdictions and only for certain job roles). You may also provide us with demographic information when required by law or to support our diverse workplace initiatives, such as your gender, racial or ethnic origin, veteran status, and disability status if you voluntarily submit such information as part of your application. We collect demographic information in accordance with applicable law, and do not request demographic information in jurisdictions where it may be prohibited. We will only use this sensitive information to accommodate a disability or illness, comply with legal obligations, protect the health and safety of our employees, and facilitate our internal programs relating to diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination.

Information we collect automatically

Log information. We may collect information that web browsers, mobile devices, and servers typically make available, including the browser type, IP address, unique device identifiers, language preference, referring site, the date and time of access, mobile network information, and operating system.

Transactional information. See Payment and contact information.

Usage information. We collect information about your use of our app for us and for you. It helps us provide our services to you, helps us keep everything working beautifully, well hopefully, and helps us understand how we might improve things. Viewing your Addresso Book log helps you have faith in your use of our app and in the information you use the app to store and organize. By way of example, if you collaboratively maintain an Addresso Book, the log will show you who did what and when, with accompanying signatures. Note: collaboration and log viewing is not available in the beta version.

Location information. Your IP address might betray your location, or it might not; virtual private network services (VPNs) are widely used these days for just this reason. Your cellular network might also betray some approximate location information. Either way, we just don't collect such information. We have absolutely no interest in knowing your location.

Stored information. We have no need to access any information stored on your device. We can't imagine that ever changing right now, but if it does we will be sure to proceed with caution and keep you fully apprised. And of course your device will always block such actions without you first giving permission.

Information from cookies and other technologies. A cookie is a string of information that a website stores on a visitor's computer, and that the visitor's browser provides to the website each time the visitor returns. Pixel tags (also called web beacons) are small blocks of code placed on websites and emails. Both have what you might call legitimate uses, but both can also be used invasively. We don't use either for our Services.

How and why we use information

Purposes for using information

We use information about your for the purposes listed below.

To provide our Services. For example, allowing you to use our app securely.

To ensure quality, maintain safety, and improve our Services. We provide automatic upgrades and new versions of our Services for example. And we monitor and analyze the use of our Services so we can make our Services easier to use or develop new features we think you'll appreciate.

To market our Services and measure, gauge, and improve the effectiveness of our marketing. For example, by focusing on particular groups of signatories (e.g. those who have a particular plan with us, those who have been using our Services for a certain length of time), promoting our Services, analyzing the results of our marketing campaigns (like how many people purchased a paid plan after receiving a marketing message), and understanding and forecasting retention and growth.

To protect our Services, signatories, and the public. For example, by detecting security incidents; detecting and protecting against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity; fighting spam; complying with our legal obligations; and protecting our rights and those of other parties, which may result in us, for example, declining a transaction or terminating Services.

To fix problems with our Services. For example, by monitoring, debugging, repairing, and preventing issues.

To customize the UX. Serving you relevant notifications and recommending content for example.

To communicate with you. For example, asking for your feedback, sharing tips for getting the most out of our Services, or keeping you up to date on our company news; emailing you about a subscription matter (see Payment and contact information). If you don't want to hear from us, you can opt out of marketing communications at any time. If you opt out, we'll still need to send you the very occasional important update relating to your account.

To recruit and hire new team members. For example, by evaluating job applicants (including verifying their identity, experience, and other information submitted) and communicating with them by phone, email, or social media platforms. If the application progresses, we may also collect interview information and background check information. This may also include verifying information required to initiate employment, for purposes such as confirming ability to work legally in a specific location, setting up payroll, and complying with statutory reporting requirements.

Legal bases for collecting and using information

A note here for those in the European Union about our legal grounds for processing information about you under EU data protection laws. Our use of your information is based on the grounds that:

  • The use is necessary in order to fulfill our commitments to you under the applicable terms of service or other agreements with you or is necessary to administer your account — for example in order to enable access to our website on your device or charge you for a paid plan; or
  • The use is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation; or
  • The use is necessary in order to protect your vital interests or those of another person; or
  • We have a legitimate interest in using your information — for example, to provide and update our Services; to improve our Services so that we can offer you an even better experience; to safeguard our Services; to communicate with you; to measure, gauge, and improve the effectiveness of our advertising; and to understand retention and attrition; to monitor and prevent any problems with our Services; and to personalize your experience.

Sharing information

How we share information

We share information about you in limited circumstances, and with appropriate safeguards on your privacy. These are spelled out below.

Subsidiaries and independent contractors. We may disclose information about you to our subsidiaries and independent contractors who need the information to help us provide our Services or process the information on our behalf. We require our subsidiaries and independent contractors to follow this Privacy Policy for any personal information that we share with them.

Third-party vendors. We may share information about you with third-party vendors who need the information in order to provide their services to us, or to provide their services to you. This includes vendors that help us provide our Services to you (such as our subscription payment service providers that process your credit and debit card information, fraud prevention services that flag fraudulent payment transactions, cloud storage services, communication delivery services that help us stay in touch with you, and customer chat and email support services that help us communicate with you; those that assist us with our marketing efforts (e.g., by providing tools for identifying a specific marketing target group or improving our marketing campaigns, and by placing ads to market our services); those that help us understand and enhance our Services (such as analytics providers); those that make tools to help us run our operations (such as programs that help us with task management, scheduling, word processing, email and other communications, and collaboration among our teams); and other third-party tools that help us manage operations. We require vendors to agree to privacy commitments in order to share information with them.

Legal and regulatory requirements. We may disclose information about you in response to a subpoena, court order, or other governmental request.

To protect rights, property, and others. We may disclose information about you when we believe in good faith that disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect the property or rights of our company, third parties, or the public at large. For example, if we have a good faith belief that there is an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury, we may disclose information related to the emergency without delay.

Business transfers. In connection with any merger, sale of company assets, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by another company, or in the unlikely event that our company goes out of business or enters bankruptcy, your information would likely be transferred or acquired by a third party. If any of these events were to happen, this Privacy Policy would continue to apply to your information and the party receiving your information may continue to use your information, but only consistent with this Privacy Policy.

With your consent. We may share and disclose information with your consent or at your direction. For example, you might consent to being a case study in terms of your use of our Services for publication in a variety of media.

Aggregated or de-identified information. We may share information that has been aggregated or de-identified, so that it can no longer reasonably be used to identify you. For instance, we may publish aggregate statistics about the use of our Services.

Published support requests. If you send us a request for assistance (for example, via a support email or one of our other feedback mechanisms), we reserve the right to publish that request in order to clarify or respond to your request, or to help us support others.

How long we keep information

We intend to discard information about you when it's no longer needed for the purposes for which we collect and use it and we're not legally required to keep it.

For example, we keep web server logs for approximately 30 days. We retain the logs for this period of time in order to, among other things, analyze traffic to our websites and investigate issues if something goes wrong on one of our websites.

As another example, when you delete an entry in an Addresso Book it is deleted instantly and is irrecoverable. Similarly, when you delete an Addresso Book, the information in it is deleted instantly and is irrecoverable.

If you are a job applicant, we will keep your personal data during the application process, and for a certain period thereafter. To determine that period, we take into account a number of factors, such as our legal and regulatory obligations and whether we may need to retain personal data for internal business purposes such as analyzing our applicant pool.


While no online service is 100% secure, we work very hard to protect information about you against unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction, and take reasonable measures to do so. We monitor our Services for potential vulnerabilities and attacks.


You have several choices available when it comes to information about you:

Limit the information that you provide. To be honest, this isn't much of a choice for the simple reason that we stop ourselves from asking for much information at all!

Opt out of marketing communications. If you have previously chosen to opt-in to receive communications from us, you can of course change your mind at any point and opt out. If you opt out of promotional communications, we may still send you other communications, like those about your account and legal notices.

Delete your Addresso Books. Probably goes without saying, but just to be complete here.

Your rights

If you are located in certain parts of the world, including some US states and countries that fall under the scope of the European General Data Protection Regulation (aka the "GDPR"), you may have certain rights regarding your personal information, like the right to request access to or deletion of your data. And here's the good news — we extend these rights to everyone no matter where in the world you might live.

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

If you are located in a country that falls under the scope of the GDPR, data protection laws give you certain rights with respect to your personal data, subject to any exemptions provided by the law, including the rights to:

  • Request access to your personal data;
  • Request correction or deletion of your personal data;
  • Object to our use and processing of your personal data;
  • Request that we limit our use and processing of your personal data; and
  • Request portability of your personal data.

You also have the right to make a complaint to a government supervisory authority.

US Privacy Laws

Laws in some US states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia, require us to provide residents with additional information about the categories of personal information we collect and share, where we get that personal information, and how and why we use it. You'll find that information in this section (if you are a California resident, please note that this is the Notice at Collection we are required to provide you under California law).

In the last 12 months, we collected the following categories of personal information, depending on the Services used:

  • Identifiers, specifically your wallet address;
  • Characteristics protected by law (for example, you might provide your gender as part of a research survey for us or you may choose to voluntarily disclose your race or veteran status as part of your job application);
  • Internet or other electronic network activity information (such as your usage of our Services, like the actions you take as a signatory to an Addresso Book);
  • Professional or employment-related information (for example, information you provide in a job application including education information); and
  • Inferences we make (such as likelihood of retention or attrition).

You can find more information about what we collect and sources of that information in the Information we collect section above.

We collect personal information for the business and commercial purposes described in the How and why we use information section. And we share this information with the categories of third parties described in the Sharing information section. We retain this information for the length of time described in our How long we keep information section.

In some US states you have additional rights subject to any exemptions provided by your state's respective law, including the right to:

  • Request a copy of the specific pieces of information we collect about you and, if you're in California, to know the categories of personal information we collect, the categories of business or commercial purpose for collecting and using it, the categories of sources from which the information came, and the categories of third parties we share it with;
  • Request deletion of personal information we collect or maintain;
  • Request correction of personal information we collect or maintain;
  • Opt out of the sale or sharing of personal information;
  • Receive a copy of your information in a readily portable format; and
  • Not receive discriminatory treatment for exercising your rights.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) is a US Federal law that requires online service providers to obtain parental consent before they knowingly collect personally identifiable information online from children who are under 13 years of age. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age; if you are a child under 13 years of age, please do not attempt to register for or otherwise use the Services or send us any personal information. If we learn we have collected personal information from a child under 13 years of age, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that a child under 13 years of age may have provided us personal information, please contact us at

Right to opt out

We never directly sell your personal information in the conventional sense (i.e., for money).

We may share your information as necessary with our third-party service providers to provide our services to you. To the extent that we share your information with certain advertising, marketing, or analytics vendors, this can be considered a "sale" or "share" in certain U.S. States, which you may have the right to opt out of.

We respect the GPC browser signal and will treat it as a valid means of communicating your desire to opt out.

We do not collect or process your sensitive (and potentially sensitive) personal information. And we don't knowingly sell or share personal information of those under 16.

Controllers and responsible companies

Generally, the "controller" is the Unnamed Labs company that entered into the contract with you under the Terms of Service.

Unnamed Labs Inc.
2093 Philadelphia Pike #2184
Claymont DE
United States

How to reach us

If you have a question about this Privacy Policy, or you would like to contact us about any of the rights mentioned in the Your rights section above, please contact us at

Privacy policy changes

Although most changes are likely to be minor, Unnamed Labs may change its Privacy Policy from time to time. We encourage visitors to frequently check this page for any changes to its Privacy Policy. If we make changes, we will notify you by revising the change log below, and, in some cases, we may provide additional notice (such as adding a statement to our homepage or blog or sending you a notification through email or our application). Your further use of the Services after a change to our Privacy Policy will be subject to the updated policy.